Europa Lander Project could be Cancelled as NASA faces 0.8% cut in budget

NASA likely to face 0.8% cut in budget

President Trump's administration has announced relatively mild budget cuts for NASA but some ambitious projects have been declined for future funding. As per recently unveiled proposed budget plans by federal agencies, space agency NASA is facing a negligible cut of cut of 0.8 per cent cut in its overall budget.

It is a relatively mild change compared to other federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but even this small reduction in budget would prompt the agency to cancel some of its upcoming missions.

NASA’s entire education program that is responsible for outreach and grants would be eliminated. The proposed budget also proposes ditching related technologies that are already in space.

An earth sciences satellite that is being built at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for launch in 2022 to study Earth’s oceans would be eliminated. Private-public partnerships have been supported by President Trump's proposals. This could help in development of space technology by private companies and might help in bringing in more investments in private space technology sector.

Robert Lightfoot, acting administrator of the agency, said, “We remain committed to studying our home planet and the universe, but are reshaping our focus within the resources available to us — a budget not far from where we have been in recent years, and which enables our wide ranging science work on many fronts.”

The Trump administration’s $19.1 billion-proposed budget for NASA in the financial year starting in October represents a far smaller reduction than he proposed budgets for other agencies. The EPA would likely face a cut of 31 per cent in its budget.