Researchers discover never-seen-before patterns in humpbacks’ behavior

Researchers discover never-seen-before patterns in humpbacks’ behavior

After observing the behavior of humpback whales for years, a team of marine biologists has discovered some never-seen-before patterns in their activities.

The research team studied humpback whales in a creek system on B.C.’s North Coast from 2005 to 2014, and found a “wave” pattern in their behavior. They discovered that humpback whales in the Kitimat creek system move in the wave pattern from the outer channels into the creeks in the fall.

Janie Wray, lead researcher from the North Coast Cetacean Society, added, “We think there is a social component we don’t quite understand just yet. It could be companionship. Given whales are really quite vocal creatures, it could be acoustics of a particular area.”

Researchers also found the whales congregating in “super-groups” of up to two hundred animals off the coast of South Africa.

The discovery baffled the researchers as humpbacks whales typically flock together in groups of no larger than twenty individuals

The never-seen-before patterns in the humpback whales were published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series.