Saturn's moon Pan appears like flying saucer

Saturn moon Pan appears like flying saucer

Pan, one of Saturn’s several moons, is quite peculiar due to its distinctive shape that has prompted some scientists to compare it to a flying saucer. The U.S. space agency NASA on Thursday released some images of Pan. Natural satellites are not always round in shape. The high resolution images of Pan were captured and sent back to Earth by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. In the images, Pan looks like a UFO or a flying saucer.

The flying saucer-like satellite of the gaseous planet is comparatively small. Scientists have estimated that it has an average radius of merely 8.8 miles. It is the closest moon to Saturn, orbiting the planet in only 13.8 hours.

Cassini’s official Twitter account posted an animated image showing some raw images of Pan. Viewers quickly chimed in. one wrote, “Should or could be called Wonton or Ravioli but that's amazing!!!" another commented, “Sign me up! Ravioli is one of my favorite foods.”

Earlier this year, the Cassini spacecraft provided images of Tethys, a moon of Saturn with a remarkable resemblance to the Death Star from “Star Wars” movie.

Launched in June 2008 to explore the Saturn System, the Cassini mission is a joint effort among NASA, ESA and the Italy’s Agenzia Spaziale Italiana space agency.