Elon Musk’s Surprise for Heroic Driver Who Sacrificed his Model S on Autobahn

Elon Musk’s Surprise for Heroic Driver Who Sacrificed his Model S on Autobahn

After media reporting about a brave Tesla owner sacrificing his Model S for save a fellow driver on German autobahn came to notice of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, he surprised the heroic Tesla driver. The incident happened in Munich recently. Tesla driver Manfred Kick was on Autobahn and noticed a driver in Volkswagen Passat driving erratically. Kick became suspicious as the driver in Passat hit the guardrails a few times. As Kick drove his Tesla Model S to see what was the issue with the driver, he noticed that the driver was unconscious. Kick passed Passat and reduced speed of his Model S.

As Volkswagen hit his car, both the cars slowing came to a halt. Kick offered first aid to Volkswagen driver and called emergency services. As per reports, Volkswagen driver suffered a major stroke and became unconscious.

41 year-old Kick’s selfless act got him lot of praise in German and international press. He didn’t care about damage to his vehicle and the costs associated with repair of his Model S. Now, Tesla CEO Musk has offered to fix Kick’s Model S for free.

Musk congratulated Kick for his heroic act on Twitter. He added that Tesla will expedite repair of his model S and he won’t have to pay for their repairs.

As per reports, the cost of repair for both the cars could be as high as Euro 10,000.

Musk remains active on Twitter and he has a strong fan following. By offering free repair to Kick, Musk has also received positive feedback from Tesla fans.

Musk recently announced that Tesla vehicles would be having full-featured self-driving capabilities with 3-6 months. Tesla has received strong response for its newer models and the company has improved its output in the recent quarters to deal with higher demand for its electric vehicles.