Subaru Gets Permission to Test Self-Driving Vehicles in California

Subaru Gets Permission to Test Self-Driving Vehicles in California

Subaru has received California DMV permission to test its self-driving vehicles in California. Automobile companies are developing and testing self-driving vehicles and in the next few years, self-driving features could become standard option in many vehicles. Subaru has received Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit from California DMV on February 9. Subaru could test its advanced features in EyeSight active safety suite.

The EyeSight active safety suite from Sabaru includes automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and many other safety features. Some automobile companies have invested money and resources in developing their own team for self-driving technology while others have partnered with technology companies for developing self-driving features.

Subaru aims to offer automatic lane changing and steering through curves in many of its vehicles by year 2020. The testing phase in California could include vigorous testing for these features.

In self-driving technology, Telsa Motors and Google are leading. Honda is also working on its self-driving technology. In California, 22 companies have received DMV permission for Autonomous Vehicle Testing. Elon Musk has recently informed that Tesla vehicles will have self-driving technology within 3-6 months. Tesla has an advantage compared to other automakers. Tesla has already added some self-driving features on its vehicles and the company has collected enormous data from Tesla vehicles running on the roads. Using this data, Tesla engineers have an edge over technology experts working for other companies.

A report published by Engadget informed, “Subaru is developing new capabilities meant to kick in while doing speeds of up to 40 mph, including the ability to auto-start and stop in slow traffic. Subaru also wants to offer lane switching and auto-steering around bends and curves -- semi-autonomous driving capabilities for highways.”