Formerly conjoined twins receive send-off from hospital staff

Formerly conjoined twins receive send-off from hospital staff

Around a year after being successfully separated, formerly-conjoined twin sisters received a special send-off from staff at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, where they had the life-changing surgery.

Scarlett and Ximena Hernandez-Torres were born conjoined in May 2015. According to the Driscoll Children’s Hospital, they were born joined at the waist, sharing a colon as well as bladder. Marking a really rare case, they were born as triplets. However, the third sister was not conjoined.

A team of doctors and surgeons took 12 hours in April last year to separate the two sisters. During the lengthy surgery, they used a special scanner known as a “spy camera” to understand the complicated blood flow between the twins and to ensure that they stay healthy during the long ordeal.

Mother Sylvia Torres said, “They’re going to have more surgeries in the future. Maybe in two years or more, we’ll know if it’s going to be okay, because we have God in our hearts. Well they love to dance. They love to dance. They always dance to Selena. They really like Selena.”

The hospital and the little girls’ family had a farewell celebration on Monday that was organized by the hospital staff to say goodbye to the girls before they move back to their family home in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.