NOAA duped world into accepting Paris Climate Agreement: Daily Mail

NOAA duped world into accepting Paris Climate Agreement: Daily Mail

American climate scientists exaggerated data used in a 2015 study to “dupe” the world into accepting the Paris Climate Agreement that aims to tackle climate change by cutting carbon emissions, according to a Daily Mail article.

For his provocative article, British journalist David Rose spoke to a high-level whistleblower in the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a top-level climate agency.

Whistleblower NOAA scientist John Bates claimed that the agency broke rules designed to ensure scientific integrity while publishing a noteworthy scientific research debunking the “hiatus” in global warming and the resultant climate change.

However, the science community quickly denounced the Daily Mail article, and pointed to a number of independent analyses of climate change data supporting the NOAA study’s findings.
They argued that several subsequent studies, in fact, showed that the world might be experiencing even more warming than the 2015 study suggested.

It is also worth mentioning here that journalist Rose has reported inaccurately in the past on issues like Iraqi weaponry and climate change.

That Paris Climate Agreement, which for the first time committed world leaders to significantly slash greenhouse gas emissions, went into force in November 2016.