California Sets Ambitious Target of 40% Greenhouse Gas Reduction by 2030

California Sets Ambitious Target of 40% Greenhouse Gas Reduction by 2030

California has set an ambitious target of 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by year 2030 aiming at doing its bit for saving the climate. While President Donald Trump has termed climate change and global warming as a fake issue created by China, lawmakers in California have different opinion about the issue. Government across the world are trying to figure out ways to deal with global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the major tasks. California has been working hard in implementing rules that could help climate. With its new measures for dealing with climate change, California has indicated commitment of state government to deal with the issue. California has been facing major drought in many regions and scientists have blamed it on change in climate patterns. Minutes after Trump’s inauguration, California released the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

California has been famous for setting strict limits on emissions compared to other parts of the United States. The new plan released by authorities in California extends the carbon cap-and-trade program. State’s oil refineries have been asked to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent. Trump has questioned the scientific community putting its weight behind ways to deal with global warming.

Trump has also questioned if human activity is leading to climate change or it is due to some natural climate cycle. Trump’s choice for secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt has also challenged the scientific community regarding the reasons presented for climate change. Pruitt has said that EPA regulations should not hinder economic development.

Being an engine of growth and production in the United States, California plays an important role in economy of the country. California has been leading by example for other economic regions in the United States. California’s strong resolve to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has also led to emergence of cleaner technologies in the state. Three of the largest utilities in California have informed that they are moving towards ‘zero-emission transportation’ in future.

"Climate change is impacting California now, and we need to continue to take bold and effective action to address it head on to protect and improve the quality of life in California," said Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board.

A report published by Reuters informed, “In addition to extending the cap-and-trade program to 2030, California's proposal calls for an 18 percent reduction in the carbon intensity of transportation fuels burned in the state and 4.2 million zero-emission vehicles on the road.”