ISS to pass in front of the Sun Thursday morning

ISS to pass in front of the Sun Thursday morning

Some individuals living in the Denver Metro area will get a rare chance to enjoy a special view of the International Space Station (ISS) in the morning hours of Thursday as the orbiting lab will be passing in front of the Sun.

The Denver Astronomical Society has created and released a map showing the ISS’ path across the Sun through Denver. In case the weather cooperates, individuals living within 14 miles of this line will be able to get the best chance to view the orbiting lab.

However, the Denver Astronomical Society’s president Ron Hranac cautioned that besides adverse weather conditions, viewers can face a few other challenges.

Speaking on the topic, Hranac said, “Even if somebody had some safe way to view the sun directly with a proper welding glass, such as number 14, or eclipse filter, or something else - it's going to be real, real dicey whether a person can actually see the tiny dot that's about one to two percent the size of the sun pass in front of the sun.”

Hranac also cautioned people to have the right equipment -- either binoculars with a solar filter or a telescope with solar filter -- to see the solar transit as the Sun is too bright that looking at it without safe filters can actually cause temporary blindness or even permanent damage to the eye.