CERN branded as anti-christ after ALPHA antimatter experiment

CERN branded as anti-christ after ALPHA antimatter experiment

In wake of the recent success of the ALPHA antimatter research, a Christian Truther publication has accused CERN of being anti-christ, arguing that the European Organization for Nuclear Research manifested a ‘hell on earth’ during their experiment.

The controversial religious conspiracy theorists described antimatter as demonically charged particle that would eventually bring chaos and destruction. Criticizing the research, Christian Truther’s Emily wrote in an article, “CERN is building the kingdom of the antichrist, hell on earth."

The religious group criticized CERN after the organization published a research paper in the journal Nature, revealing their observations of the light spectrum of antimatter using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) machine that allows scientist to smash particles like electrons and protons to recreate the conditions immediately after the big bang.

While religious groups are criticizing the CERN ALPHA antimatter research, the scientific community around the world has lauded it as a crucial step towards unraveling what might have happened to all the antimatter produced during the Big Bang. Lead researcher Jeffrey Hangst said the experiment opened up a new branch of investigation into physics’ understanding of Big Bang.

Despite criticism form various religious groups, CERN scientist are determined to conduct further experiments to refine their antimatter research.

Antimatter is identical to matter, except that everything within its atoms is the opposite way round, with negative charge being positive and left becoming right. Physicists believe the Big Bang created equal amounts of matter and antimatter - but none of the current theories can explain why the Universe mostly consists of matter. The findings don’t explain why this is the case, but it suggests it is not due to the inherent nature of antimatter atoms.

A report published by Slate informed, "Antimatter has an irritating quality: If it touches its normal matter counter part, they annihilate, turning into pure energy. A lot of it. That is, after all, why the Federation uses it as a power source for their starships."

Guido Drexlin, a physicist at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology said, "Successfully discovering a difference between matter and antimatter would be worthy of a Nobel Prize. The differences between matter and antimatter are extremely subtle. There is a slight preference for matter and we would like to know why." Drexlin was not involved with the current project.