Weather Channel debunks Breitbart article on climate change

Weather Channel debunks Breitbart article on climate change

The Weather Channel on Tuesday debunked the widely discredited and highly controversial Breitbart article on climate change that was shared online by the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology.

Contradicting Breitbart’s controversial claim that a supposed decline in global temperature held promise that the last three-year period may have seen the final death rattle of the global warming scare, the Weather Channel stressed that researchers and scientific societies around the globe are in agreement that carbon emissions caused by human activities are warming Earth’s climate and will continue to do so.

The Breitbart article also argued that record global temperatures over the past couple of years can be attributed to a natural weather phenomenon called El Niño, and that the next two years will be cooler due to La Niña.

Debunking the article, the channel concluded, “Finally, to our friends at Breitbart, the next time you write a climate change article and need fact checking help, please call. We're here for you. I'm sure we both agree this topic is too important to get wrong.”

The Weather Channel stressed that Breitbart should note that Earth isn’t cooling, climate change is real. Thus, the new website should stop using its video to mislead Americans.

The Breitbart news site swung from obscurity into the mainstream after its former chairman, Steve Bannon, was named as an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump’s upcoming administration.