Researchers develop first carbon nanotube transistors to surpass modern silicon

Researchers develop first carbon nanotube transistors to surpass modern silicon

As per a new research paper published by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers, they have created the first carbon nanotube transistors that would surpass traditional silicon and gallium arsenide transistors. Carbon nanotube transistors are considered better because of their faster performance and lower power consumption than traditional silicon transistors.

Carbon nanotube transistor is able to manage current 1.9 times higher compared to transistors made with silicon. The semiconductor industry is facing certain issues when it comes to improving the transistor density. With passage of time, material science is becoming important as there is general consensus that silicon would not scale around 5nm.

It is one of the main reasons that researchers have been looking for new materials that could replace silicon. The researchers said that carbon nanotubes are promising but due to economic and technological hurdles they remained ignored for a long time.

But now, things have been improving. It will take time for carbon nanotube CPUs and GPUs to come in the market, but noticing the level of advancements, the time is not that far. As per scientists, carbon nanotubes are considered to be one of the most electrically conductive materials.

A single carbon nanotube could perform five times faster with five times less energy than a normal silicon transistor. To filter out impurities at such minute scale is not easy. This was the reason that the researchers created a new technique that with the help of polymers filter out the impurities.

The entire procedure results into a good base material with less than 0.1% metallic nanotubes. As per the researchers, they will need to further develop current fabrication technology to increase its applicability to larger wafers. The researchers said that the initial efforts are promising.