Plastic-based fabric developed to keep you cool this summer

Plastic-based fabric developed to keep you cool this summer

The engineers at Stanford University unveiled a unique fabric made by tweaking the plastic, which has the capability of keeping your body cool during summers.

Researchers have applied various chemical treatments to a polyethylene sheet to make this fabric. The fabric is made from impermeable plastic, which lets the body release heat, making the person feeling cooler by about 4.25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Polyethylene lets the infrared radiations pass through it owing to which Stanford scientists experimented with permeable nanostructure that too allowed the infrared radiations to pass, but made it opaque i.e. wearable.
Although cotton is also known to let precipitation evaporate, but does not allow the body heat radiations to pass through it, which this plastic fabric is capable of doing.

The cotton was compared with plastic fabric to ascertain their cooling capacities; they were placed on skin and the heat trapped by both was recorded. It was found that cotton made the surface 3.6°F more heated than the plastic fabric did.

Dr. Cui, associate professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford Universitysaid, "If you can cool the person rather than the building where they work or live, that will save energy."

The further research should be concentrated on the discovery of such materials that can do the same thing in a better way, he added. As the plastic is abundantly available, it allows researchers to work on creating different colored fabric.

Although the fabric will not be used by all the customers, but it will certainly prove to be of great help for people living in deserts and other warm areas, for example the soldiers on their duties in several hot spots can adopt this type of clothing to escape the heat.