Nautilus team starts assessing strange purple ball found by it off California Coast

Nautilus team starts assessing strange purple ball found by it off California Coast

This week, Ocean Exploration Trust's vessel, Nautilus, has spotted a strange purple blob in the Pacific Ocean off California’s southern coast. For now, it has not been confirmed what exactly it is. It could be an earlier unknown type of egg sac or a new species.

The crew present on the vessel has also made a video. As per the crew, they have found the orb from the Arguello Canyon near the NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary during their latest survey in the region between July 3 and 21. The team has used a vacuum to suck up the creature. Once it was aboard, the guess work started.

The crew along with its science partners has been working to find out the real identity of the species. But as per their estimate, the purple blob is a pleurobranch, a nudibranch relative.

Pleurobranchs is a type of a sea slug having a prominent outer covering, but it loses its internal shell in adulthood. Though the researchers have been trying to know more details about the purple blob, Nautilus continues to explore waters off the southern California coast.

During the exploration, scientists have also found Crinoids, which is said to be living fossils, as their basic anatomy has not changed over the years. The crew has also found whelks building their unusual egg towers, Pacific octopuses protecting their eggs, corals, sea stars and sea fans.

During the Nautilus Exploration Program, scientists plan to map the area and collect biological samples. Main focus would remain on the deep sea habitat and deep coral beds in the area. The crew expects to find many more interesting things present in the ocean depths.