Scientists predict a tsunami May hit Hawaii

Scientists predict a tsunami May hit Hawaii

The University of Hawaii scientists have predicted that mega-earthquake in the Aleutian Islands would raise a 9% possibility for a tsunami to occur in Hawaii. The concern here is that is the state prepared to face the natural calamity?

The occurrence of earthquake is rare, but still there are chances that tsunami may hit the state. It is more frightening to think of a big one to strike. Last time a colossal tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit eastern Japan in 2011. The impact of the calamity on the island nation is well known.

On predicted occurrence, Paleo-seismologist Chris Goldfinger of Oregon State Universitt said that similar intensity of Tsunami can also occur at the Pacific Northwest. Goldfinger said the occurrence would be equivalent to five or six Hurricane Katrinas taking place together.

“These are rare events. They don't happen all the time but there is a chance for them”, said Rhett Butler, geophysicist at Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology.

Scientists estimated that a magnitude 9.0 mega-earthquake on hitting the Aleutian Islands could cost $40 billion and devastate more than 300,000 residents. Butler’s research is not to scare people, but to warn them about a likely danger so they can remain prepared for evacuation when needed.

Butler has been studying the likelihood of earthquakes and tsunamis in Hawaii for a long time. His research team estimated a gigantic tsunami through the help of computer models that devastated the island about half a millennium ago. The tsunami had a nine meters high wall of water.

Butler said yearly risk assessment may help officials in Hawaii prevent impacts of a mega tsunami to both life and property. Current evacuation plans are based on the 1946 tsunami.