Climate change: Over 13 million US coastal dwellers may face flooding by 2100

Climate change: Over 13 million US coastal dwellers may face flooding by 2100

Coastal residents in many regions in the United States should prepare them to face the catastrophic consequences of worsening climate change as a new study has predicted that coastlines in the country may encounter increased flooding by 2100.

More than 13 million US coastal dwellers may get affected by the flooding caused by rising sea levels, the study published Monday in the science journal Nature Climate Change warned. It also stated that many Americans will be forced to leave their places due to these disastrous flood conditions.

The projected number of US people affected by rising sea level is about three times higher than the earlier estimate, the study added. California will be among the worst-hit areas where more than one million people are predicted to be affected by rising sea level, it said.

The study has called for immediate actions. Mathew Hauer, an applied demographer at the University of Georgia and an author of the study, thinks people are underestimating the potential effects of climate change.

Scientists, who believe rising sea levels are the result of climate change, say if protective measures are not implemented, many beautiful islands around the world will vanish at the end of 21st century. Maldives in South Asia is one such island which will be highly impacted by the rising sea levels.

“Coastal communities are among some of the most rapidly growing in the United States, so we have to think about the anticipated expansion of those populations that is likely to occur in this century”, said Hauer.

The study’s findings suggested that if the sea level rose about three feet by the end of the century, more than 4.2 million people in US coastal regions would be at risk of flooding.