Mold Outbreak Exclusive: Hospital under Troubling Waters after Death of Fourth Transplant Patient

Mold Outbreak Exclusive: Hospital under Troubling Waters after Death of Fourth Transplant Patient

Another victim of mold outbreak at UPMC Presbyterian has died at hospital, announced the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. With the latest demise, the death count linked to a fungal infection during the outbreak has reached four.

On Sunday, the University confirmed the death of 4th infected patient. The person, 70-year-old Che DuVall, was diagnosed with the infection about four weeks after undergoing a double lung transplant in last year’s August, as per the university’s statement.

As per Karen, Duvall’s wife, he was put in a negative pressure room for people with suppressed immune systems. The special type of room was designed in such a way that it could bring air in from outside. The couple also filed lawsuit against the hospital the previous month. They claimed that the hospital housed the patient in a room where all the conditions were available to develop an infection.

The lawsuit by the couple also alleged the UPMC Presbyterian knowing about the room. It was the hospital’s duty to understand if placing post-transplant, immune-suppressed patients in a negative pressure environment could put the person at an increased risk of developing deadly infection, the suit added.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found about two months ago that three person, including Duvall, who developed infection and died were actually housed in that negative pressurized room.

“The hospital extends its sympathies to his family and to medical personnel who have cared for him. Officials want patients to know they have taken every possible precaution to make our hospitals as safe as is humanly possible”, said UPMC spokeswoman Allison Hydzik.

As per the CDC, the victims developed the mold infections when they spend time in that negative pressure room, which was reserved for people who were already infected.