La Habra earthquake’s impact could produce more quakes in future

La Habra earthquake’s impact could produce more quakes in future

NASA carried out a study on an earthquake happened in 2014. Researchers shared that earthquake in La Habra deformed earth’s crust in a bigger area of northern Los Angeles and northern Orange County than expected before. Also, strain due to the earthquake is present in deeper area faults that raise the risk of further earthquakes.

Study’s lead researcher Andrea Donnellan, a geophysicist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, said that the team has reached at the above conclusion after measuring the area deformed in the earthquake that took place on March 28, 2014. Using GPS and NASA airborne radar data, the researchers have carried out the measurements.

As per the researchers, the earthquake caused a lot of damage. It is estimated that the quake led to $12 million in damage. The researchers said, “Most of the damage occurred within a 3.7-mile radius of the epicenter, with a substantial amount of damage south of the main rupture”.

The damage has been so intense that the researchers have cautioned that even moderate earthquakes near Los Angeles can lead to ground deformation and damage to water. Donnellan said that the earthquake faults in the area are a part of systems of faults. Therefore, if earthquake will take place in future than it can cause strain on the fault system.

Study’s co-author Lisa Grant of UC Irvine has affirmed that study findings can prove beneficial in knowing more of earthquake risk and disaster planning.