New Report Stresses on Measles Vaccine Gaps

New Report Stresses on Measles Vaccine Gaps

Two reports released at a meeting of infectious disease experts this week stresses on the gap in measles vaccine coverage putting majority of US people at risk of the disease. About 9 million US children are at the risk of being infected with the disease as they are not fully vaccinated against measles.

Robert Bednarczyk, of Emory University, said that the measles virus has the potential to cause large outbreaks. Since, large numbers of children are unvaccinated with the disease, it is more likely to spread through contact from one another. With the help of data from the National Immunization Survey, Bednarczyk and colleagues calculated that 12.5% of all US children or 8.7 million kids are either unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated against measles.

In order to protect from the disease, children are supposed to get two doses of the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Bednarczyk said that many people have concerns about vaccines and want to avoid their children from getting vaccinated. They prefer to follow an alternative schedule instead of those recommended by health officials. But, the health officials said that getting children vaccinated is the only safe method to prevent children from the disease.

According to the statistical data revealed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, till now 189 cases of measles have been reported in US with 1 death case. About 20 million cases and more than 145,000 children die every year because of measles every year, which was eliminated in US in 2000.