Study Asserts Strong Link between Higher Education and Lower Death Rates

Study Asserts Strong Link between Higher Education and Lower Death Rates

A study published on Wednesday by researchers at the University of Colorado, New York University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reveals the efficacy of higher education in averting a significant proportion of deaths in America. The researchers assert that a high school diploma can help to avert as many deaths as could be averted by all smokers quitting!

Virginia Chang, associate professor of public health and of population health at NYU and a co-author of the study stated that education levels have a stark impact on the health of an individual.

Chang further asserted that people with more education have higher income and more money. Thus, they can afford to eat better, have a gym membership or a personal trainer and procure support to help them quit smoking.

They study revealed that 145,243 deaths could have been averted if every adult high school dropout in the 2010 population had a regular diploma and if everyone in the population got a bachelor's degree, the total untimely deaths would have been reduced by 554,525.

Furthermore, Chang asserts that higher your education, the less likely you are to be obese. Also, education has a direct impact on your cognitive skills and helps to avert several diseases. Chang states that people with more education have knowledge about risk factors of various ailments and know about the new developments in treatment.

The Researchers studied CDC's National Health Interview Survey of about 1 million people between the years 1986 and 2006 and claim that decreased mortality is due to associated factors such as higher income, social status, enhanced cognitive development, healthier behaviour and psychological wellbeing that occurs with attainment of higher education.