Climate Change could be a big threat for polar bears

Climate Change could be a big threat for polar bears

According to reports, global warming could badly affect polar bears. It was found by the scientists that climate change will have bad impact on the state of their populations in their range. They reached the conclusion after looking at the condition of polar bears in detail.

In order to look at the prospects for polar bear populations in the four eco-regions, including their range, the researchers made use of models. In their research, they also used current sea ice projects from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for two greenhouse gas emission conditions.

Effect of greenhouse gas emissions was analyzed in both the conditions. In one case, the researchers examined stabilization in climate warming by end of the century as a result of reduced GHG emission, and in another case, unchanged rates of GHG emissions that caused increased warming by century's end were analyzed.

According to Mike Runge, one of the researchers, “Addressing sea ice loss will require global policy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because carbon emissions accumulate over time, there will be a lag, likely on the order of several decades, between mitigation of emissions and meaningful stabilization of sea ice loss”.

Researchers evaluated particular threats to polar bears by using the models. They analyzed threats like prey availability, sea ice loss, hunting and increased human activities. It was concluded by them that the main specific reasons for worse position for polar bear populations are large sea ice loss in addition to anticipated reductions in the availability of marine prey, which polar bears consume.