Obama Announces $240 Million in New STEM Pledges

Obama Announces $240 Million in New STEM Pledges

President Obama, while emphasizing on the need for science education, has pledged to support the science education with the announcement of quarter-billion dollars in this field.

Mainly its focus will be on Science, technology, engineering and math and will be jointly called as STEM.

The president, on 23rd March at the White House Science Fair, has stressed on the need of private sector efforts in order to encourage more children from underrepresented groups to go for science studies.

Obama remained there for a brief period of time and went through several projects that were developed by kids. A group of girls showed him a battery that enabled a prototype device for a person who was suffering with arthritis, which will be helpful in turning the page of the book with the help of the device.

There was a group of students who showed the president how algae can be used in the production of a sustainable energy infrastructure at low cost.

Later on, while addressing the audience, president Obama said that all the young inventors have something to teach us all.

Obama said that these young scientists and engineers teach all something which is beyond specific topics that they have explored and show us how to question assumptions, to wonder why something is the way it is and how someone can make it better.

He added that the little inventors remind all the people that learning is a never ending process and one should always try to discover, to imagine, and that it's never too early or too late to discover something new.

In addition to it, Obama said, "five years ago we launched a campaign called 'Educate to Innovate'. Today, I'm pleased to announce $240 million in new contributions from businesses, from schools, from foundations across the country to help kids learn in these STEM fields".