Anaheim Ducks Hockey Team nicknamed as San Diego Gulls

Anaheim Ducks Hockey Team nicknamed as San Diego Gulls

It has been reported that the American Hockey League (AHL) team that will be playing at Valley View Casino Center this fall will be named as the San Diego Gulls. The team has been named under a San Diego tradition of 1966.

The Anaheim Ducks on January 29 announced that their AHL affiliate would be moving to San Diego as part of a shift of five teams of California.

The Gulls was the nickname of San Diego’s 1966-74 Western Hockey League team, 1990-95 International Hockey League team, 1995-2003 the West Coast Hockey League team (WCHL) and 2003- 2006 ECHL team.
Anaheim Ducks owners, Henry and Susan Samueli, on Sunday said, “While we initially considered several options, it quickly became clear that the obvious affinity and affection the fans have for the Gulls name”.

The nickname, orange, black and blue color of team, and logo, reminds of the time when the Gulls were members of the WCHL. All these team specifications were announced at ‘HockeyFest’ at Valley View Casino Centre.

The new logo venerates legacy to WCHL Gulls logo and features the Ducks color palette and other design elements, including the Ducks trademark windswept font.

Ducks CEO Michael Schulman announced that the organization will be funding two ‘Learn to Play’ hockey programs in San Diego, and will also sponsor equipment.

The learning hockey sessions will be held next month at The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Rolando and Icetown Carlsbad.

The Gulls will be playing at the Valley View Casino Center, which is formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena. The team has also created a website,, a Twitter account, @SDGullsAHL, and a Facebook page,

The AHL version of the Gulls is the San Diego’s first professional hockey team since ECHL Gulls folded in 2006.