Lot of Buzz about Electronic Cigarettes

Lot of Buzz about Electronic Cigarettes

Rightly said there was a reason for which Oxford English Dictionaries named 'vape' as Word of the Year. A number of things are going on with regard to this newest tobacco delivery system.

To cite few, in Kentucky, the Farm Bureau is considering to levy a tax on e-cigarettes; a new research will look into the fact whether they can help people quit the habit and the Urban County Government has included e-cigarettes to its indoor smoking ban.

In this vaping trend, users inhale and exhale the vapors produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. Bonnie Herzog, managing director for tobacco research for Wells Fargo Securities, thinks that the electronic cigarettes' use can surpass the use of traditional, combustible cigarettes within 10 years.

Now the trend of vaping is expanding and with this, a question arises as when and how e-cigarettes should be sold and used. Scott White, chairman of the Lexington-Fayette County Board of Health, has a way to keep the vaping trend in check.

White suggested that public should be made aware of the health consequences of e-cigarettes, combined with increasing taxes. Increasing taxes on tobacco is good way for people to quit. Studies are also being conducted to know whether vaping is beneficial or not.